Diver's GPS

The Sound Ocean Systems, Inc. Sea Guide gives recreational divers the ability to mark and relocate dive sites, wrecks, reefs, or other subsea items of interest. By utilizing the readout of a hand held GPS system underwater, divers will spend less time searching and more time exploring.

At the heart of the Sea Guide is a GPSMAP 76 receiver manufactured by Garmin, the most trusted name in GPS technology. The Sea Guide is designed to provide precise underwater GPS positioning using correction data obtained from the Wide Area Augmentation System.

The system allows a diver to determine position from a depth of 60 ft. and can be carried by the diver to a depth of 100 ft.. The GPS receiver is enclosed in a small anodized aluminum pressure housing tethered to a floating antenna. The small lightweight receiver unit is easily held in one hand and can be strapped to a diver’s harness for easy storage. The rugged antenna float is tethered to the receiver with a strong, small diameter coax cable. It can be painted bright red for surface avoidance or black for clandestine operations
The pressure housing utilizes a connector set to allow separation of the cable and antenna from the GPS unit. The clear poly-carbonate housing cover provides an unobstructed view of the receiver display. Spring loaded, watertight push buttons offer divers the opportunity to interact with many of the GPS receiver’s functions. The interface between housing and cover includes an o-ring seal for maximum leak protection.
Designed by a former U.S. Navy Diver and tested in the Pacific Northwest’s Puget Sound, the SOSI Sea Guide provides elite equipment for the recreational diver!

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Housing Size: ................ 7.38 in x 3.38 in x 2.13 in
Weight in Air: ............... Approximately 5 lb
Batteries Required: ........ (2) AA
Float Size: ..................... 4 in OD x 6 in long
Tether Length: ............. 60 ft.
Battery Life: ................. 13 hours continuous (with back light engaged)
Depth Rating: ............... 100 ft.
  • Compatibility with the following GPS Units,
             Garmin GPSMap 76, Garmin GPSMap 60,
             Garmin Colorado 400, Garmin GPS12,
             Lowrance iFinder H2O, & Lowrance iFinder
  • Cable management with small hander


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