Oceanographic & Research – Underwater Power Connectors
Whether this is developing a single solution quickly to meet a development project’s requirements or a solution suitable for high volume production, SEA CON® proven track record of success includes, optical and electrical connection systems for arrays, mechanical and electrical/optical strain terminations for ROV’s, high breaking strength umbilical terminations and field installable electrical and optical terminations.
Oil & Gas – Harsh Environment Connectors
Terminations and assemblies on almost all types of Seismic, BOP MUX Drilling Control, Production Control, Tree and Down Hole Systems, whether it is greater depth capabilities to enable deepwater drilling or control system installation, more robust and reliable harsh environment connector solutions to survive drilling operations or work class ROV installations.
ROV / AUV – Submarine Communications Cable Systems
Whether it is greater pressure capabilities to enable ROV’s to dive deeper, smaller and lighter connector solutions to enable smaller inspection ROV’s to be feasible, incorporation of submarine fiber optics or Ethernet to enable the use of higher specification equipment (e.g. HD Cameras), a wide range of electrical, optical and coaxial subsea underwater connectors & penetrators, cable/tether terminations and specialist field installable mechanical terminations are available.
Defence & Military Connectors
Highly reliable, robust connectivity solutions and military connectors for a range of government platforms including submarines, surface ships, helicopters, ground vehicles, AUV’s, ROV’s and UUV’s.
Electrical and optical solutions for the Renewable Energy Market (Wind, Wave, Tidal Power) including Underwater mateable fiber optic and electrical connectors, Underwater fiber optic and electrical connectors, Cable terminations and splice boxes, etc..


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